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Use These Tips to Streamline Your Seasonal Storage Rotation

Storage Boxes

Now that warmer weather has arrived, your spring cleaning operations are likely underway. Storage units are the ideal place to keep unneeded items during the off-season, and rotating your belongings every several months helps you create more space at your house. As you prep for your seasonal cleaning, use these tips to streamline the rotation process.

Purge Unnecessary Items

Over the past several months, some of your personal belongings may have become damaged or outdated. Prep your storage items by first going through your home and storage unit to identify items that you no longer want so that you know what needs to be rotated. Then, arrange to have the unwanted items donated or picked up by your garbage service.

Sort Through Your Home Storage

Once you have cleared out the clutter, you can begin the process of organizing your storage areas. At home, separate the winter items from the things you want to keep and set them to the side. Then, rearrange the items that are left to create space for the things you take out of storage to bring home.

Prepare Winter Items for Storage

Now that you know which items need to go to the storage unit, you can begin the process of packing those items up. For bulky winter clothes such as coats and sweaters, begin by making sure that each piece is properly laundered. Then, you can fold each item and pack them in clear plastic bins to keep them fresh until you need them again.

Winter sporting equipment such as skis and snowboards should also be cleaned according to the proper procedures to remove any leftover mud or water residue. For equipment with sharp features, such as ice skates, use blade guards to prevent accidental injuries. You can then store these items in their designated cases or use racks to keep them safe.

As you pack up winter items, remember to look around the house for seasonal décor that no longer fits the warmer weather. Heavy blankets, holiday decorations, and wall art all take up valuable space in your house. Carefully pack these items to transfer to the storage unit, and be sure to label the boxes as fragile if they contain breakable décor items.

Choose What to Leave in the Unit

Now that your house is sorted and packed, your next step is to take a trip to the storage unit. Begin by carefully going through the unit to identify items you need for the spring and summer seasons.

Typically, you will need your warmer weather clothing, spring decor, and any seasonal sporting equipment. However, you may have a few things you choose to leave in the storage unit such as lawn equipment that you may not require until the summer hits full swing.

Assess the Storage Space

Depending upon what you decide to leave in the storage unit, you may need to upgrade to a larger size. For many people, the accumulation of new home goods over the course of the winter season adds up to a need for more storage. When in doubt, ask the customer service team at your storage facility for recommendations on the proper sized unit.

Make Transportation Arrangements

After all of the planning is done, your next step is to complete the actual moving process. Make arrangements to have a moving truck or trailer ready on moving day if your items will not fit in your personal vehicle. Also, make sure that you have help available for lifting heavy objects if it is necessary.

Update Your Inventory Checklist

Your final step is to update your inventory checklist as you move items into and out of the unit. Whether you use a paper checklist or save a digital file of everything in your unit, maintaining an inventory helps you remember what you want to take out during the next seasonal rotation.

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